1985-1987 ATC250ES Big Red Front Axle/Hub Assembly

As a whole unit the front axle and hub assembly will swap between all of the 1985-1987 ATC250ES Big Red 3 wheelers including the [more…]

Added Donation Buttons at the Bottom of Posts

I added a PayPal and Bit Coin donation button at the bottom of all posts. Donations will help keep the site ad free and [more…]

ATC185S and ATC200X Top End Swapable Parts

My testing was with a 1982 ATC185S (has blue over spray in the photos) and a 1985 ATC200X. Cylinder Stroke is the same, so [more…]

Fork Seal Interchange for Several Motorcycles and 3 Wheelers Based on ATC200X

The following fork seals should interchange. Use your in-browser search to find your machine model since this is a large post. Shortcut key is [more…]

Upgraded to WordPress!

I updated the site to use WordPress and so far I’m liking it! Feel free to create a profile and post up your experience [more…]

1981 – 1985 ATC110 Stator and Flywheel

It appears that 1981 though 1985 ATC110s will interchange the stator, and flywheel by cross referencing the part numbers.   Part numbers: Left Crankshaft [more…]

70-73 US90, 74-78 ATC90 and 79-80 ATC110 Stator Interchange

I installed a stator  from a 1970-1971 US90 into a 1979 ATC110. Wattage output might vary slightly from the 90cc to 110cc model. Everything else appears to [more…]

85-86 350X Headlight interchange with TRX 300 88-00

Interchange Requirements: You will need the OEM bottom mount that the headlight hinges on as the TRX 300 ones are a different length. Everything else [more…]

1985 – 1987 250ES and 250SX Engine Swap

Interchange Requirements: The 250ES Big Red three wheeler engine is a direct bolt on swap with the 250SX 3 wheeler. All years will interchange with each [more…]

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