Upgraded to WordPress!

I updated the site to use WordPress and so far I’m liking it! Feel free to create a profile and post up your experience with ATV parts. If you have any issues with the site, send me a note to atvinterchange@gmail.com.


Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Upgraded to WordPress!

  1. Ryan Hart says:

    The site looks great so far – I love wordpress too. What type of ATVs do you plan to write about in the future?

  2. atcfixer says:

    My main goal is to help keep 3 wheelers alive, but there is no reason to stop there. I’m open for anyone to make articles for pretty much anything but cars since interchange books already exist for them :). My personal writings will be with 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, and once in a while I might throw something in for motorcycles.

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