Added Donation Buttons at the Bottom of Posts

I added a PayPal and Bit Coin donation button at the bottom of all posts. Donations will help keep the site ad free and fund research on what parts will fit what machines. Sometimes I buy parts just to test fit on a machine I have. I don’t ask for much in donations, just a few dollars is fine.


Here is a quick break down of what I plan to use donations for.

  • Hosting fees – currently is very cheap at around $9 per month
  • Domain URL –  around $15 per year
  • Keep site ad free – Ads don’t pay much and are annoying to viewers, but if donations don’t keep up with the costs of running the site, I’ll be forced to add them.
  • Research – I buy parts, test fit, then resell if I don’t need, this covers any losses from buy and sell price, if any.
  • My Pocket – I own and operate the site, so I should get something for keeping the site up. This is the last on my list for a reason :).

Currently my donation target per month is $25 which should be very easy to meet.

Post any ideas, comments, and feedback below.


As always, have a great day!

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