70-73 US90, 74-78 ATC90 and 79-80 ATC110 Stator Interchange

I installed a stator  from a 1970-1971 US90 into a 1979 ATC110. Wattage output might vary slightly from the 90cc to 110cc model. Everything else appears to be a direct swap including the electrical connections with no mods needed.

Part numbers:

  • 79-80 ATC110 stator – 31102-943-004
  • 70-73 US90 and 74-78 ATC90 stator – 31102-918-004

Test install photos of the 1970-71 US90 stator in a 1979 ATC110.

 DSCN1090 DSCN1089 DSCN1091

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